Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Morning: Inside the Envelope

Found this today. Describing it as a wispy half-love poem by a sliver of sterotype girl burning incense in defense of insensitivity while wearing a hand-stitched dress.

(Yeah, say THAT five times fast.)

Uh, anyway:

Inside the Envelope

leaning on you too much
you creak
but do not bend
                 or break
                     out loud

your foundation 
is stronger

When the lean reverses, 
for now
I fail
      or break

just let me be the sling

lean too hard and
yes, I will swing away
away, for now

but lay with me
                    or in me
and I will cradle you constantly
                                 out loud
                                 and above

above it all, away
from din and dirty.