Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't You Just Hate Poetry Readings?: The Debut of Banjoetry


A few weeks ago I turned to a trusted buddy and said, "I want to score poems to banjo."

She said: "That is a terrible idea."

I said: "I want to read them live, with the banjo."

She said: "That is a terrible idea."

I said: "In front of a bunch of people."

She said: "That. Is. A. TERRIBLE. Idea."

I began scribbling notes.

A few days later I mentioned to a trusted mentor that I had a feature slot reading at Bowery Poetry and wanted to perform a suite of poems scored to live banjo twanging.

He said, "That sounds like absolute agony."

I decided then to do it.

I fortunately have a dear friend who can twang banjo. He has toured with Pete Townshend of The Who and pop-punk demigod Bob Mould. He has recorded with members of Teenage Fanclub. And Sleater-Kinney. And The Posies. And Ash. He has his own indie album of aching, perfectly strummed alt-rock tunes. (Aside: I highly recommend that record--great break-up album. Doubly sweet on vinyl.) Oh, and a Tony Award and a bunch of big Broadway credits and a list of off-Broadway mega-roles, like rock diva Hedwig from Hedwig and The Angry Inch. Sometimes you see him on TV. His name is Michael Cerveris and he was, and still is, clearly overqualified for my plot. 

I told him I wanted to score some poems about New Orleans to banjo. And read them. In front of people. I explained he was essential because he is the only one I know who can play banjo.

He said, "Okay, let's do it."

Thus the inside joke of "banjoetry" went public. Both the friend and mentor who said it was a terrible idea attended the performance. I have video proof (embedded below) that they cheered like loons for us in spite of themselves. A bunch of other people did too. They may even have enjoyed it. Or banjoyed it. (Either works.)

Fantastic photographer Jenny Anderson was there to get it on film (scroll down for pics). There's video of the whole set. I'm also pasting in the text from my "set" opener, "Don't You Just Hate Poetry Readings?" below. I love reading but somehow always get nervous and start shaking like a crack-baby for the first 5 minutes of all performances, which occasionally leads to tripping over the words of whatever is read first. I wrote the poem a few hours before hitting Bowery, so it was especially unfamiliar and raw...the text is here to fill in the gaps where my crackbabyness failed the piece.

Don't You Just Hate Poetry Readings?

Behind a curtain, under some stairs,
shoe-horned into community centers or the nearest jail,
spawning on student coffee shop stages,
dressed up and made up and paraded for sale
at your nearest megabookshop franchise, there it is folks! (and this is no joke),
we got right here for you fine folk the fruit fly of the literary world,
the buzzing
slip of public word breeding known to us as The Poetry Reading,

Where everyone’s less than secretly competing for rattiest scarf,
holiest boots,
most crumpled transcripts of items that could’ve been committed to mind if we’d taken the time

Best disapproving sigh,
best judgmental eye,

least best chance of separating spectators short on patience from Thorazine patients when you prop them all up in one straight line;

Most likely to jack from Kerouac
to buy off Bly
or rip off poor Miss Smith by dragging up some poorer stiff
with a guitar with them to riff on riffs while the whole ship goes down and watchers go stiff

before they make it to the awards portion of the night!
where blue ribbons are given for angriest word rant,
droniest tone poem,
most unnerving piece of childhood nostalgia,
most unremarkable slab of melancholia,

and don’t forget the coveted award of most maligning backhanded complimented handed out as you walk out the door, and that’s before

we event mention honorable mentions for artful statings of the obvious,
heartfelt ramblings by the oblivious,
irreverent references,
obscure preferences,
whored out metaphors
ALL absorbed while keeping an ear out for a cell phone ringing or Death finally bringing
some carefully delivered blessed delivery from asking why we’re here again, especially when
every time we leave one of these creaking old creative heaves we always seethe

Because we know if we don’t go
we’ll not have heard that line or word
that makes it clear while we’re all here

and still coming to poetry readings.

Michael Cerveris rockin' the MANjo for the love of banjoetry.

"I love reading out loud thiiiiiiiiiiis much...."

Seriously? This photo? What the hell am I doing? It does look intense though, maaaaaan. **Poetic beat finger snaps.**

The "banjoetry" starts around the 6:57 mark. (At one point some affable lout steps in front of the camera, which was resting on the bar next to a whiskey and ginger. He quickly realizes his folly and steps back outta the shot.) 

This set includes the above detailing of why poetry readings are agony, delivers missives for my inarticulateness in romantic situations, paces out a suite of poems about the alchemy of New Orleans while Cerveris twangs the strings, then brings the hyperbolic silliness of Mick Jagger's Shirts back to its original home at Bowery Poetry.

Hannah's set is sex, mangled love and why you should think twice before letting her play librarian, with a spotlight thrown on the accidental poetic rhythms hiding in GMail threads.

Banjoy, and thank you to everyone who packed the house. Special thanks to Michael for lending his talent and insight during the collaboration process, George Wallace and Russ Green of Bowery Poetry Club for having for allowing me to read poetry in public.  

Kimberly Kaye at Bowery Poetry Club 2/20/11 from Hannah Miet on Vimeo.

And Hannah:

Hannah Miet at Bowery Poetry Club 2/20/11 from Hannah Miet on Vimeo.


  1. Banjoyment. New word! Make it rhyme - in time.

  2. That's a great clip. I can see that you are really comfortable in front of a crowd. I myself get nervous and suffer from stage fright but I get none of that from you in watching this performance.

    I would love to go to a reading like this. What fun and you are basically a celebrity so that's even better...kinda like Carrie in Sex in the City. I can't wait to tell ppl that I follow a real life Carrie.

  3. @MrCachet - Spread that word like wildfire. Ideally via post.

    @Michael The reason my poems stay on that music stand is because my hands shake from stage fright so badly I wouldn't be able to read them otherwise! So it's all an illusion. You could absolutely go to a reading like that.

    And I do appreciate the grand compliment, but should make one thing clear: I couldn't be farther from celebrity. I'm not even infamous. Or notorious. Or notable. I recently graduated from entirely anonymous to "That Chick With the Weird Hair," but that's about it. But thank you for making me feel notable for a moment. Thank you more for reading.

  4. Go you:):) - I love it when people get out there and live their dream. I am trying to do that now and sometimes it is on track and sometimes no, but then at least I have had a go:):) Part of htis was to set up my own blog - if you feel like checking it out the link is :

    Have a good one:)

  5. Nice photos. I think it was a great idea to set it to banjo music. Check out "Justified" on FX for their theme music: kind of a rap/hip-hop, bluegrass hybrid. You might want to try ranting some made up gobbledegook to start off your set to get rid of the shakes. I applaud your courage in the face of that.

  6. New to following you - love it!

  7. You are AWesome. And I am your new biggest fan.
    *quietly bows down in awe*

  8. You are an inspiration to artists everywhere. I feel inspired to get story and poetry readings up and going in Atlanta.

    You truly rock!

  9. A whole new genre? Didn't you want to break out in song with your poem as the banjo twanged behind you?! Loved it! ;)

  10. @Crosby--You are totally right. I'm getting my Tablib Kweli style flow ready to spit over some sick beats.

    @BREA and Se2...just sugar. You're giving me so much sugar after I was SOfuckingNervous to even post this potential poetic atrocity. I really appreciate that. No bows needed. Face to Face only.

    @Jas. START. A. READING. SERIES. IN. ATLANTA. It's a blast. We'll (there are many of us up here, I'm not just abusing the Royal WE) help if you're looking for ways to get one started. Email me.

    @Jayne Nothing keeps you from breaking into song like being underscored by a guy with a TONY AWARD. Man's got a voice with electrical currents running down his vocal chords. I'll stick to speaking and save the singing for the pros.

  11. This was incredibly enjoyable! Both of you gals do an amazing job and I'd love to see either of you read in person next time I'm in the city.

    The banjoetry was an excellent idea. Wen't so completely well with the New Orleans poetry. Great job!

    Can't wait to read or watch more.

  12. The first time I heard it, I thought "Banjo and poetry is a GREAT idea!" Kudos to you! Also, poetry readings are the worst!

  13. @Dale - Thank you so much. We'd be honored to have you. If there's no formal readings, we'll set one up in the back of a dive bar or someone's loft and do it anyway. BYOP(oetry).

    @Michael: FINALLLY. Someone who appreciates my hidden GENIUS!

  14. Hi there, I have given this blog of yours a bloggity award... please visit my blog to pick it up and pass it on. :-D

    (I mean, I thought we had discussed who had custody of the bloggity awards and when...but here you are...late again. I mean, do you even PLAN on paying your bloggity award support this month? -dramaticsigh-)

    No, but seriously, come get it!

  15. Absolutely genius! You are something else!

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  17. I think that Libya guy completely cut and pasted his whole blog into a comment on your website. I would have read it, but I don't speak garble-ese.

  18. To be distracted by frogs is a beautiful thing.

  19. I think I adore you. heh. Banjoetry might even appeal to my girlfriend, who doesn't really like poetry! :-D

  20. Love it! And *applause* to you and Hannah. And don't you just love how a 'terrible idea' works so brilliantly that even it places you in Louisiana. Just lovely...

  21. beauty, brains, with a poetic soul. i'm impressed, keep bringing us new stuff ( I love it ).

  22. @Demon Lily - with a name like that, I truly hope to stumble across you in Louisiana.

    @jamespoi....thou doth butter me up too much. but thank you!