Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh God, Another Blog

We can hear your interior monologue. It's streaming reactionary definitives and blanket statements live via the interweb. Things that sound like:

"Oh God, another blog."


"This blog's first descriptive word is 'poems.' As in poet-ry. My sphincter just tightened. Not in the fun way."


"I feel sorry for this blog author and angry at the world at large."

and also

"The only people who read blogs are other bloggers and they only do it for reciprocation. Like oral sex, but for verbose people."

Hey, we understand.

To soften the blow of another blog spawned, The Trouble With Poet offers these promises and assurances:
  • The Trouble with Poet does not feature: limp noodle prose, pictures of kittens, artful stock photo imagery of Cosmopolitans or Appletinis in stem glasses, glittery badges or widgets posted in earnest, wish lists of clothing items the blog author would like to own, rants and raves about ex-lovers/girlfriends/boyfriends that are not at least minimally legitimized by artsy line-breaks or advertisements for Groupons of any kind.
  • The Trouble with Poet does feature: poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction, essays, bits of art, casual boob grazes, random creative sneezes and links to sources of all previously mentioned items.
  • The Trouble with Poet reserves the right to be totally full of it at any time.

If you would like to submit pretty much anything to be posted on The Trouble with Poet, with full credit given to you or the original creator, just email We really like email. And we really like you.


  1. This place is so interesting I'm gonna be here all day! You have an easy way with words and I sense a smile between the lines. Great stuff!

  2. does it mean that i could get my poems featured too? what are the criteria?

  3. "The only people who read blogs are other bloggers and they only do it for reciprocation. Like oral sex, but for verbose people." That's my new favorite quote. - Just in case you want to give me a "blogjob".