Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Accidental Poetry, Found: The Rejection Letter

More accidental poetry, found. (Though this is intentional accidental poetry.)

Courtesy of Prose poetry posing as a rejection letter. Click it. 

If all rejection letters looked like that I'd submit daily.


  1. LOL. Hmmm. A sucking manuscript. Is that, like, a chest wound?

  2. I save all of my rejection letters. They'll make for good laughs some day.

  3. Oh man...that does have an awesome though sad quality about it.
    As an aside, my dog ate crayons once and proceeded to throw them up on my brand new shag-pile rug.
    I'm too scared to submit stuff after my first attempt at 'real' publishing was rejected vehemently.
    Well not really..

  4. wow motivation for future rejection if there ever was one lol

  5. Sometimes it does seem as arbitrary as that. Thanks for the reminder. Not that I'd ever forget.

  6. Nice reflection, thanks. If we applied the same rule to the other areas of our lives what would the outcome be? How many of our cherished views are the outcome of some ongoing battle with rejection lol oh no! It's a double tragedy: first, we sooo want some form of recognition from any miserable type that sets themselves up as the answer to all our problems and second, we allow them to pass on the same empty mindsets that keep the whole dreadful sham going in the first place.

  7. @Dan One time I watched a kitten crap out a section of yarn she'd eaten out of a knitting basket. It dragged behind her like a second tail until someone finally had the nerve to intervene.

    Something about dog crayon poop and shag carpeting brought that visual back. I have you to thank for it.

    @Everyone A picture's worth a thousand words. I'd rather have an interesting, symbolic photo rejection than a stock "we are unable to accept your attempt at creative expression at this time" postcard. But this letter'll do in the meantime.

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