Friday, November 11, 2011

Short and Sweet: Sweet and Sour

Another bit of writing found scrawled on a napkin that made its way back from New Orleans to New York:

bright spot

I'll never forget the morning
we discovered the little lemon
A little piece of summer
fallen on the pavement
You found the sun
hiding under pruned branches
And gently broke the rind with a thumbnail
turning the air bright
Then wrapped five fingers and a thumb around it
and carried it home.

You brought the sun with us.

Even on cloudy days
it is a glowing spot
on the landscape of a year
Your little lemon
the sweetness of you both--
I taste it when the days break bright,
that little pinch of sugar
spooned over each sour note
that dared follow us home.


  1. I just reviewed the new Buzz Light year game at mobile games free download. Your post was much cute than the game. Well done.

  2. I like this. You say you found it? Beautiful. All I ever find anywhere is trash.

  3. Aw, sweet, sweet. And from New Orleans. So optimistic--makes me smile (the photo, too). ;)

  4. Kimberly Kaye, where are you this day, my dear?

    Just dropping in to wish you a very merry New Year. :)

  5. Did you find this, or did you write it yourself? Either way, wonderful poetry.

  6. Love your poetry. The one above this post made tears well up, and this one made me smile :)

  7. Very nice little poem, thoroughly enjoyed it.