Thursday, July 28, 2011

Awkward Forward Momentum

I fell off my blog.

Lost my balance when something unseen hip-checked me and tossed me off the wheels, into some dark corner.

I spent a few months feeling shadowy. I found and goofed around with Gollum, sat beside him turning things over and over in my palms. I grew accustomed to him waking me with a hissy little "my precious." We played handball with a bouncing circle of obsession. We spent a lot of time doing many things with words that end with "ession" in general.

There's a tremendous amount of equally esoteric metaphoric hooey that I could wax poetic about until you slam that Macbook shut while eye-rolling---wait, YOU, no, don't go yet, don't click off to the next pa--

--lost that one.

Ah well.

In short I fell off of much and into more and also stopped writing altogether. Which is no great loss to readers, because there is always someone somewhere writing something worth reading; most of the time it excludes weird side-rants about playing handball with Lord of the Rings characters.

But today I tripped and fell back on and started rolling along, slowly. It's like stumbling over a curb face-down onto a skateboard and lurching forward, injured: breasts smushed weirdly against the body, scraped arms out, shocked legs taut, the toes dragging behind. But somehow, forward momentum. Awkward forward momentum.

Rolling on, as if nothing had ever happened.


  1. I don't have a macbook. I'm a pc because they are cheap and I'm poor.

  2. Writing is a bitch and sometimes you need to kick her to the damn curb. It helps with the relationship. On again, off again.

    It goes well for a while until you get real drunk and throw a notebook at her god damn head and then it's all,"You never scrawl your words across nice paper like you used to!" or "Why can't you ever put those stupid books down and spend time on the typer anymore!"

    Words are said. Papers crumpled. Doors slammed. Garbage filled with mounting piles of trash you thought was writing.

    Kick her to the curb and wait a while. Drown yourself in more booze. Watch a porno because you miss the endless sessions of...typing. Before you know it you're beating your head against the desk wanting her back so you can finish a stanza without completely hating it.

    I may have gone on a bit of a rant there. You may have gotten the idea.

    Welcome back.

  3. I've missed your poetic spirit -- it's good to be reading you again!

  4. Welcome back! :) It's encouraging to hear that others go through these cycles too. Great blog!

  5. Well, Kimberly dear, you don't seem any worse for the wear. Certainly no evident bruises... glad you are rolling along again (really, nothing did happen).

    Hope you said hello to Gollum for me. He's not such a bad guy, is he? ;)

  6. welcome back... i did wonder whether you've abandoned this altogether.

    a lil advice though. just let Gollum 'win' the ring. :)

  7. I did eventually let Gollum keep the ring. Gold's tacky. More of a platinum/silver girl myself...

  8. Ah, I missed you. Glad you're back. I kind of disappeared for the internet a while myself.