Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Morning: Inside the Envelope

Found this today. Describing it as a wispy half-love poem by a sliver of sterotype girl burning incense in defense of insensitivity while wearing a hand-stitched dress.

(Yeah, say THAT five times fast.)

Uh, anyway:

Inside the Envelope

leaning on you too much
you creak
but do not bend
                 or break
                     out loud

your foundation 
is stronger

When the lean reverses, 
for now
I fail
      or break

just let me be the sling

lean too hard and
yes, I will swing away
away, for now

but lay with me
                    or in me
and I will cradle you constantly
                                 out loud
                                 and above

above it all, away
from din and dirty.


  1. Nice image to 'go-with' the wonderful words. They aren't said often enough. Welcome back. ;o)

  2. LOVE this piece!!! love it! thanks so much for coming by my place with such kind words, lady!

  3. Kim, don't ever feel as if you words aren't beautiful.
    I miss you, and I have lots to share,
    Heartbreaks and hangovers and the horrors of summer break.
    And I need reassurance and guidance.

  4. I love this poem so much, with all its wispyness... can I send this page to someone? Please? Welcome back and hope all is well.

  5. Love for the love. And Demon, of course, send it along. Copy it on napkins and leave it on tables. I like when the dandelion seeds wind of and weed up elsewhere.